Vision Education Seminars

Vision Education Seminars sponsors continuing education courses for occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, and educators of the visually impaired.

This website is designed as a resource for information about vision, vision rehabilitation and vision therapy.


The following links are provided to find additional information:

  1. American Optometric Association (AOA)
    This site provides general information about vision care. It is also a site at which you can find a directory of optometrists specializing in low vision or pediatrics/vision therapy.
  2. College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)
    This site contains valuable information about vision therapy. You will also find the directory of COVD Board Certified members and Associate members at this site.
  3. Computer Vision Syndrome
    Work at a computer is very visually demanding - causing numerous eye and vision symptoms. If this is a problem for you visit, and take the computer vision syndrome test.
  4. Dr. Scheiman
    This site contains information about vision therapy and the locations of Dr. Scheiman's offices.
  5. Eye Examinations in Children
    Discusses when children should be scheduled for eye examinations
  6. Eye Resources on the Internet
    Extensive list of links for vision information. Includes all population including pediatrics, patients with acquired brain injury and visual impairment.
  7. Learning disabilities, dyslexia and vision: a subject review
    Published in Optometry Volume 3 / Number 9 / September 2002 pp 553-575. This article is a rebuttal to the political position taken by several ophthalmological organizations against optometry's clinical treatment of learning related vision problems.
  8. Learning Related Visual Problems Education and Evaluation
    National PTA Resolution Adopted June 1999
  9. Online learning
    Seminars available online
  10. Parents Active for Vision Education (PAVE)
    This is a site that I suggest you recommend to parents of children who require a comprehensive vision examination. Parents can receive information about optometrists who provide vision therapy from this site.
  11. Position Paper: Tinted Lenses for Reading Disorders
    The Use of Tinted Lenses for the Treatment of Dyslexia and other Related Reading and Learning Disorders
  12. Position Paper: Vision Therapy
    Information for Health Care and Other Allied Professionals A Joint Organizational Policy Statement of the American Academy of Optometry and the American Optometric Association
  13. Position Paper: Vision, Learning and Dyslexia
    A Joint Organizational Policy Statement of the American Academy of Optometry and the American Optometric Association
  14. The Efficacy of Optometric Vision Therapy - AOA Reserach Review
    Review of 238 articles on the effectivensss of vision therapy
  15. The Scientific Basis for & Efficacy of Optometric Vision Therapy
    Review of vision therapy research Kenneth Ciuffreda
    This is an excellent resource about binocular vision, vision and learning and vision therapy. You can also search for optometrists who specialize in vision therapy at this site.

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